Three milk cake

Pastel tres leches is a wet dessert originating in Latin American countries characterized by containing, as its name indicates, three different types of milk: condensed milk, milk.

The decoration of the three milk cake may vary depending on the country and region where it is made but, in general, it is usually decorated as a meringue and uses decorations such as cherries, raspberries, chocolate or cinnamon powder.

Ingredients for the cake three milks:

For the sponge cake:

  • 4 Eggs.
  • 3⁄4 Cup of cornstarch or cornstarch.
  • 3⁄4 Cup of sugar.

For merengue:

  • 3 Claras
  • 3 Sugar tablespoons.

For the bath:

  • 1 Pot of thick cream or cream of milk.
  • 1 Pot of evaporated milk.
  • 1 Pot of condensed milk.

Preparation for the cake three milks:

For the sponge cake:

  1. We reheated the oven to 350ºC fifteen minutes before baking the cake.
  2. We started by beating the four egg whites until stiff with the help of an electric mixer.
  3. Once the point is reached, we add one by one the egg yolks alternated with sugar and still beating.
  4. Finally, we add the cornstarch and integrate it with this preparation in an enveloping way with the help of a wretch.
  5. Now we make up and flour a refractory that will serve to present our three milk cake. Let’s pour the preparation into the container and take it to the oven for fifteen minutes or until it comes out dry when introducing a toothpick.

For the bath:

  1. in a container we place the evaporated milk pot, the milk cream pot and the condensed milk and integrate very well. At this point, we can add a little vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon powder or on branches, or some sheets of lemon shell.

For merengue:

  1. We beat the whites until they take the snow point and little by little we sprinkle with sugar until we obtain firm peaks.

For the armed:

  1. We prick the cake with the help of a fork or kitchen stick.
  2. We cover the cake with the milk mixture and take it to the fridge for a while and we hope it absorbs all the liquid well.
  3. Then, add the meringue on top unevenly and sprinkle with a little cinnamon powder and / or some fine lines of melted chocolate coverage.

Nutritional Information for the three milk cake:

Serving size: 80g

  • Calories: 220 kcal.
  • Carbohydrates: 28g.
  • Fats: 8g.
  • Sugar: 22g.


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