Recipes are delicious you can do with a robot of kitchen


For more than 40 years, cooking has become a task much more simple and fast. In 1972 they began to be marketed the first robot kitchen. It is an appliance designed to process food and help, in this way to perform the tasks that are more repetitive in the kitchen, as they can be cut off foods or mix them up. In this way, we save time by cooking and we can devote to other things. A feature that distinguishes the robots of kitchen of other household appliances such as blenders, is that the robots used blades and hot-swappable disks in place of a fixed blade. Thanks to the robot cooking, you can make many recipes quickly and easily.

The cookers often have multiple functions. These include the following:

  • Slice and chop vegetables
  • Chop nuts, seeds, spices, and meat among others
  • Grate cheese or vegetables
  • Prepare purees, creams and sauces
  • Mix and knead
  • Saute and cook
  • Steam

This appliance is designed for people who have little time to cook, but still want to eat homemade dishes and healthy. Prepare delicious, traditional recipes in little time with a food processor is much easier.


Now that you have decided to purchase a food processor, you ask the following questions: “What is the robot kitchen more economical on price-quality relationship?”, “what robot is best suited to my needs?”, “what recipes can I make with each robot cooking?… To answer these and other questions, from Home Cooking and Easy will recommend this web.

As you can see, the people of Hogartop explains in a detailed and thorough what are the best cookers, the types that exist, the brands, etc, so that there is no longer an excuse to find a robot suitable kitchen to your needs that will allow you to join us in these 10 recipes that we’re going to teach.

Once you have chosen the robot of kitchen, it is the turn of cooking. From Home-Cooking and Easy we have prepared a small list of recipes that are delicious and healthy that you can do with your robot kitchen.



Meatballs is one of those dishes that can be prepared into a robot. Most of them come with knives, with which you can cut your own meat. Just put the meat you want in tacos (chicken breasts, for example) and after, proceed to your chopped. In most cases, you can also make the sauce in the food processor, mix with the meatballs already boleadas and let it cook.


Following the trend above, you can also chop beef or pork in the robot. Previously, mince a few cloves of garlic and a handful of fresh parsley. After you mince the meat next to these two ingredients. Aderezamos with salt, pepper, and other ingredients to taste, and now we can proceed to shape our homemade burgers. For cooking, better to do it the irons


You can also prepare this popular dessert in the robot kitchen. So we only need to add ten times more milk than rice. All together. That is to say, put 100g of rice for every litre of milk. We added a cinnamon stick, put it to mild temperature and leave to cook for about 50 minutes at speed 1. When the rice is soft, add the sugar. Because only we would put in vessels individual and let cool.


With chicken, with rabbit or with seafood. Just prepare a sauce, seal meat or seafood, add the rice and cover with generous amount of broth. 3 to 4 times the amount of each that of rice, depending on if you want the rice more creamy or if you like more caldosillo. Cook for 20 minutes until the rice is “al dente” and serve immediately.


And you can prepare any type of meat. As with these robots you can make stir-fries -they are responsible even chop the vegetables – so we should just add a drizzle of olive oil, a few cloves of garlic, an onion, red pepper and green pepper and put option of sofrito to 100ºC. After 10 minutes add meat and cook 2 minutes at 150ºC. Then, cover with broth, wine or water and let cook for 20 to 50 minutes, depending on what meat to try. We will list a stew of chicken, tenera, and even some stew.


Since some lentils, going to a few beans up a few chickpeas. This dish can be prepared a multitude of ways. On the basis of a sauce, until putting all of the ingredients in crude oil. Be that as it may as more we like it, we won’t have to go adding ingredients and letting it go along.


Some recipes need to be prepared partially in other appliances, as is the case of these eggplants. To do so, we will have to cut them in half lengthwise. We make the pulp a few shallow cuts and then bake for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, in the robot, prepare a sofrito with onion, garlic, peppers, tomato and, in short, the vegetable you like the most. Then we add the minced meat and the own flesh of the eggplant (remember that you can chop it yourself). Fill it up again, sprinkle with grated cheese and again in the oven with them


And in reality, almost any sauce. By focusing on this, prepare a sofrito of garlic and onions. After 10 minutes add cayenne pepper and crushed tomatoes and let saute 5 minutes more. Now add a tablespoon of flour, to take something of body and toast to 120ºC for 1 minute. Cover with a generous amount of ham broth and blend it all together. These robots also include the option of grinding up the food, as if a blender or a turmix it were. Finally, there would be more than pour a few tablespoons of this delicious salsa brava … on some potatoes fried or boiled, cut into cubes.


Yes. This popular Spanish dish can also be done in the robot kitchen. or at least, its basis, is explained below: we Do with the robot the longest part of the recipe: A stir-frying to 90 ° C with the potatoes and the onion, if you like us. Once it is stir-frying we would mix with the egg and cuajarla in a frying pan.


The popular dessert in north america. We can make your biscuit base by mixing 100g of biscuits and 50g of butter. Grind with the robot and put this mixture as a base in a springform pan for tarts. In the same robot mix 500g cream cheese, 500g of cream, 100g of sugar and 1 packet of curd previously hydrated following your instructions. We speed 3 to 80 ° c and when everything is well mixed, we’ll see about enough of crackers that we had done in the beginning. Since you have to do is let it sit overnight in the fridge and the next day, cover the surface with strawberry jam or raspberries

As you can see, there are many recipes that you can make with the help of your robot kitchen. It is a good helper when preparing any dish, with the advantage that you’ll save a lot of time in the kitchen and this time, you can devote to other tasks. Have you thought of that recipe you are going to prepare today?


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