Grilled aubergines ¡An unmissable delight!

Grilled aubergines are considered a very versatile and rich dish that can be combined with many other foods such as purees or prepared pasta. This dish is normally seen in the summer seasons, because it contains large amounts of water that make it a refreshing and nutritious food.

Hallacas, a tradition with a Venezuelan flavor!

Hallaca is a dish originating in Venezuela. This dish consists of a corn dough filled with meat, olives, raisins, potato and sancohcado egg.

Fresh and different! Cold shrimp, arugula and walnut salad

A healthy, delicious and easy to make salad. Ideal for all types of palates, especially for those who want to get out of the traditional.

Bounced vegetables (pakoras) with garam masala

Enjoy a different dish full of textures and multiple flavors with these vegetables battered with garam masala, perfect as an appetizer.

Baked vegetables. Quick and easy!

Social events are a good reason to show off in the kitchen, so learning the best baked vegetable recipes becomes a theme ...

Spelled bread a simple and fast recipe

Skeleton bread is a simple and practical recipe that every housewife should know to surprise loved ones at meals ...

Seafood Paella – An exquisite recipe that you will love

We should not allow ourselves to be confused about a seafood paella and what a seafood rice is. Being careful, since also for the elaboration of a seafood paella only two key ingredients are needed, first of all good components of the sea.

Octopus salad with coriander: A delicious and fresh recipe

The common octopus is a mollusk found in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic Ocean just down the Iberian Peninsula.  We tell you a little about its Octopus is a delicious and very nutritious dish. We want to present you the coriander octopus salad that will captivate you.

Vegetable spaghetti :A perfect option

If you are on a diet or want to improve your lifestyle and food, today we have brought for you a delicious recipe that you cannot resist, the vegetable spaghetti, this time carrot that will delight you and make you feel satisfied and healthy.

Fattoush Salad: a light and rich Arabic salad

This Fattoush salad is very popular in Lebanese cuisine and is perfect for vegetarian food lovers for its simplicity.

Salmon with grilled citrus sauce: A dish full of flavor

Salmon is a fish that is born in fresh water and that, after a while, goes to the sea. That is why many times we are presented with two different types of We will present you with a recipe that will captivate you, a delicious salmon with citrus sauce in the best Cuban style. A recipe that you will love.

Calf with noodles and mango: A delicious and tropical dish

If you are looking for a dish that has an infinite variety of flavors, the veal with noodles and mango will offer you everything you are looking for.

Oatmeal pancakes

Oat pancakes are an excellent choice for children's breakfast before attending school. In addition, it is a food rich in nutrients depending on the way they have been prepared. This has become one of the most requested foods worldwide, since it offers endless benefits, especially for the incorporation of oats.

Banana pancakes with honey

These delicious American pancakes, as they are known in Spain, can be accompanied with a little honey, syrup, cream or a little butter.

Rice omelette: appetizer or dinner with friends

Today we bring you another variety of the Spanish omelette. The rice omelette, ideal for a homemade dinner, aperitif or a dinner with friends.

Carrot cake

Carrot cake is the favorite of many. It is one of a cake with a particular flavor, completely different from the flavor of carrots as they are known in savory dishes. However, the carrot has been used in cakes since the Middle Ages, as it was the perfect supplement for sugar.

Cinnamon Sugar Torrijas

Candy-sweetened French toast is a simple and easy dessert to make, you only need bread, sugar, cinnamon and a little oil.

Tiramisu: An addictive and exquisite dessert!

Tiramisu is a spoon dessert made up of: mascarpone cheese, cocoa, eggs, vanillas and coffee. It is a layered dessert that is served cold.

French roast beef

This French roast beef recipe is perfect to accompany with a little mashed potatoes and / or some fresh salad.

Puff pastry pie stuffed with apples

This cake is an excellent contrast between the juice of the apple and the crisp of the dough. It can be accompanied with a little ice cream or yogurt.