Milhojas de pastry cream and raspberries

Ingredients for the milletas of pastry cream and raspberries

For the milhojas:

  • 1 rectangular puff pastry
  • Raspberries amount needed
  • Sugar glass to decorate

For the pastry cream:

  • 500 ml. whole milk
  • 40 gr. starch or cornstarch
  • 90 gr. sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Lemon and orange peel (1 unit of c / u)

Preparation of the millet of pastry cream and raspberries

For the pastry cream:

  1. We diluted the corn starch by 75 ml. milk and we reserve.
  2. In a bowl, we put the eggs to beat with the sugar until well integrated.
  3. We heat the rest of the milk, and add the lemon, orange skin and the cinnamon stick. When it starts to boil, remove from the heat and add this milk to the eggs with the sugar. Mix well and bring all the preparation back to the fire.
  4. We added milk with the cornstarch to the previous preparation, and we moved the mixture in the form of eight with the help of a wooden palette until it thickens.
  5. When it boils again we remove from the heat and pour the mixture into a container to cool it down.

For the milhojas:

  1. We take half of a puff pastry and cut it into several pieces, depending on the size we want the millet. We prick the entire surface with a fork to prevent the dough from rising during baking.
  2. We sprinkle with plenty of sugar, cover with a sheet of nonstick paper, put another layer of puff pastry and sprinkle with sugar again. Finally, we put another layer of paper on top and take a previously heated oven at 180o C for about 35 minutes.
  3. We remove the oven parts and let them cool on a grid before mounting the millet.

For the armed:

  1. We fill a sleeve with pastry cream and reserve.
  2. We put a first layer of puff pastry on the fountain in which we are going to serve, cover its entire surface with pastry cream and add raspberries on top.
  3. We put the second layer of puff pastry, pastry cream and raspberries on the surface. We repeat the operation depending on the layers we want.
  4. Finally, we sprinkle with abundant glass sugar.

Additional tips:

  • When making the pastry cream we must constantly remove so that it does not fill with lumps.
  • We must also take into account when letting it cool cover it with a little transparent paper – or film as it is known in some countries – so that it does not form a hard crust on the surface.
  • Another additional tip for this pastry chef is that we can add a little raspberry essence to further highlight the flavors.
  • Before adding the raspberries in the assembly, we can let them rest on a napkin or some clean cloth that absorbs the liquid so that it does not spill onto the pastry chef and ruin our presentation once armed.

Nutritional information on the millet of pastry cream and raspberries

Each portion of 94 grams. contains:

  • Calories: 288 kcal
  • Protein: 16.27 g
  • Carbon carbohydrates: 31.09 g
  • Sugar: 10.91 g
  • Fat: 16.27 g


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