Guacamole recipe

Guacamole is one of the most common appetizers of the Mexican cuisine , since it incorporates common foods in the locality. Furthermore, it has become an icon for the referenced country .

It is a recipe made with tomatoes, onions, chopped coriander, avocados and avocados. But, you can also add other ingredients, everything is subject to the tastes in the preparers.

It is very important to affirm that guacamole has approximately 15 to 20 grams of fat per 100 gr. It is a healthy food, but it is not ideal for people who follow strict diets.

These are the ingredients for the guacamole recipe

It is very important to note that the recipe is made for an approximate of 300 gr, equivalent to 3 people.

  • 6 medium to perfect term avocados or 4 large mature ones
  • 100 grams of onion
  • 100 grams of medium tomatoes
  • A tablespoon of fresh, stemless coriander leaves.
  • 1 whole file
  • Come to the liking of consumers
  • 1 kilo of nacho or triangles of salted corn.

This is the preparation of the guacamole recipe

  • The first thing to prepare the guacamole recipe is to peel the vegetables and wash all the supplies for the preparation.
  • Chopping food in very thin cubes, the more delicate they are the better.
  • Then take the ripe avocados and crush them with the help of a professional fork or disposer.
  • Add lime juice to avocado during the crushing process. Also, it has to keep mixing for 5 minutes.
  • When obtaining the pasta, it is best to add two tablespoons of chopped coriander. If you haven’t, it can be cut with the same hands.
  • Incorporate the tomato, salt and onion cubes to have a consistent but hard mix.
  • Besides, chop up very fine serrano chili and include them in the paste. The user as a recommendation must stir for 10 minutes for the inclusion of all ingredients.
  • The presentation of the guacamole is very simple, since it consists of placing in a bowl next to corn triangles or nachos. You can also use a simple tray with the sauce and its companion.

Tips for a Perfect Guacamole

  • Avocados should be ripe but not very soft, one way to verify this is to sink a finger into the fruit, since it will enter easily.
  • Food can be modified. Some people prefer to add a little melted cheese to give it a special consistency.
  • If you want the guacamole to last longer than normal, the ideal is to wrap with transparent film. Being covered it will not interact with other elements and will be better kept in the fridge.
  • It is a food that can be accompanied by any other element such as doritos, cookies, breads, toasts, dough caps, among other foods.
  • The cylinder should be as green as possible to avoid variations in the final flavor, if it is very large, it will be chopped and crushed.
  • Vegetables will have to be of the day for the guacamole to have an exotic and particular flavor.
  • The traditional way of crushing food will be with a traditional mortar, since it will not release rust.

What other foods can be prepared with guacamole?

Many people ask themselves these kinds of questions, as they do not like corn triangles as presented in the original recipe. Guacamole can be accompanied with other foods that go parallel to this ingredient.

Some of the appetizers highlight the following: avocado stuffed with tuna, cochinita pibil, wings with guacamole sauce, pasta with guacamole. There are also others such as stew, roasted fish with sauce, etc.

However, for snacks they can be accompanied with other attributes such as crackers, toasts or any item without flavor.

Clearly, the dishes to be mixed with this factor should be light or not very strong flavors. Since the sauce contains coriander, onion and tomato, it gives it a consistent aroma and flavor.

This is the nutritional table of guacamole

  • Calories: 275 kcal.
  • Carbohydrates: 1. 24 g.
  • Fats: 2.78 g.
  • Proteins: 0, 25 g.
  • Sugar: 0. 9 g.


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