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Potatoes to the relevance are a typical Spanish dish very simple to make usual in different areas of Spain, it lies in a dish with potatoes in
Vegetarian Sandwich with avocado. A recipe that is made in minutes, so easy that anyone can do it. A sandwich delicious and unconventional
A recipe of stir-fried vegetables with mushrooms and prawns. Healthy dish and easy to make. And in addition very fast. You will have this stir fry in a matter of 5 minutes
Chicken Tacos mexican recipe. Taco style chicken fajita. Are prepared in less than 45 minutes, with ingredients that are very common and they are addictive!
Baked tuna pie is one of the healthiest and most balanced recipes we can present to you this week, this is a dish that does not have cream, nor similar products, as well as masses, making it a light and healthy dish to eat even when on a diet.

Cold pasta salad

Cold pasta salad is a nutritious and complete meal, which includes both proteins and vegetables among its ingredients. Further, being a dish served cold, It is ideal for preparing during the hot summer months. This salad has many variants, since different ingredients are used in each country, either as for the protein, which can be chicken or tuna, or in the dressing that varies from flavors adapting to those typical of each region.
Here we teach you several recipes to make your vegetable creams unique and delicious. These recipes are very easy to prepare and are very healthy ...
The cheese-filled gnocchi with Neapolitan sauce is a simple and delicious dish based on potatoes, cheese and tomato that is very easy to prepare.
Potato gnocchi is a different recipe with very few ingredients that will help surprise your guests. Accompany her with some sauce from you ...
Grilled aubergines are considered a very versatile and rich dish that can be combined with many other foods such as purees or prepared pasta. This dish is normally seen in the summer seasons, because it contains large amounts of water that make it a refreshing and nutritious food.