Cecotec Mambo, a robot that will help you in the pleasure of cooking for less than 300 euros

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Cecotec a company specialized in household appliances has introduced Mambofo, a predecessor kitchen robot.

Mambo has great qualities, the main and most striking is its price of € 249 today, but also: its intelligent temperature system that prevents our meals from burning, its engine with a super power system or its kneading spoon.

Cecotec designs equipment that provides intelligent and very innovative solutions in the culinary field. Since 1995 the company has focused on providing safe, innovative and excellent quality equipment, which has given users favoritism over time.

Intelligent temperature system

This multifunction kitchen robot integrates an intelligent system that is capable of controlling the temperature during the cooking of the dishes.

With this system we can perfectly boil milk, cook some croquettes perfectly or simply melt chocolate without burning it, since this system prevents preparations from going over temperature.

A super powerful engine

Mambo has exclusive Cecotec brand technology, which incorporates a double gear system. A system that allows this robot to be able to operate at full power, either at high or low speeds, achieving optimum robot performance.

23 functions to enjoy

This improved version comes just like the Plus version, with 23 fascinating features that will make our culinary moments magical.

This Cecotec Mambo incorporates unsurpassed power and other characteristics that make it stand out from others, such as:

  • Crush, since it not only has an unsurpassed power, but also incorporates a series of super sharp blades that will help us achieve different textures in our dishes.
  • Moler, if we talk about power we cannot fail to mention that Mambo can grind coffee beans, seeds or spices in just a few moments.
  • Trocear, with Mambo we will get perfect cuts in both vegetables and meats and, best of all, it will in a few seconds.
  • Chopping, a function that will allow us to obtain perfect cuts of vegetables, meats, nuts, among others and, also, if we adjust the speed and time, you can chop up to ice for our slushies or cocktails.
  • Beat, Mambo incorporates a butterfly accessory with which we can beat eggs perfect for an omelette in less than 3 minutes.
  • Rallar, from a tomato, to chocolate, cheese, bread, or perhaps some nuts.
  • Pulverizing, this impressive robot will allow us to reduce almost any product we want to powder, from cheese to sugar to obtain a fine powder that covers our desserts.
  • Mixing, a task that Mambo performs perfectly is mixing, and that is, Cecotec has decided to incorporate a Mambomix spoon that will not only help mix, but also knead any preparation of our preference.
  • Mount, a functionality that will help us create the most surprising desserts, with which we can: assemble egg or cream whites, being a perfect assistant in the world of pastries.
  • Cooking, from the same container this robot is capable of frying, cooking, stewing or heating without the help of other equipment.
  • Remove, a very useful functionality when we need to create uniquely textured dishes with a professional consistency, be it a bechamel, creme brulee or just a rice pudding.
  • Emulsify, very useful when we need to create some sauce or dressing for our dishes.
  • Confiting, with this Mambo function will help us in the difficult task of confining meat, vegetables or fruits in a simple way and like a professional.
  • Scalfar, nothing better than a poached egg so Mambo will carry out the whole process for you, without having to remove or be aware of time.
  • Steam cooking, ideal for those who love healthy food, since Mambo includes a steamer that allows cooking at two different heights, so we can cook up to three dishes at the same time.
  • Ferment, with the basket and this function you can ferment at the temperature you want.
  • Cooking accurately, Mambo integrates ten temperature levels, twelve hours of adjustable time, and a grade-to-grade control that will allow you to control every minute of cooking.
  • Function of keeping warm, another interesting functionality is that thanks to this robot we will be able to keep our food at an excellent temperature and without exceeding cooking. In addition to that, we can do it without the spoon or blades spinning, a unique feature of Mambo.
  • SlowMambo, ideal for those preparations that deserve to be removed constantly and at a low temperature, ideal for traditional dishes.
  • Turbo, a feature that will allow us to mix harder ingredients, such as garlic, ice, ham, or perhaps delicious chocolate.

Among these functions we could not miss those that help us carry out simple tasks, but which are certainly very useful in the kitchen, such as boiling vegetables or placing a product in a water bath, functions that it performs perfectly.

Additional features of the Mambo robot

  1. In order to run these 23 functions, Mambo offers 10 different speeds, adjustable time or timer ranging from 1 second at 12 hours and, a degree-to-degree control ranging from 37 to 120ºC.
  2. Touch screen and digital to choose functions, such as speed and time, an option that will allow us to configure the cooking time of each recipe in a personalized and independent way.
  3. Security Check System, a new security system, as its closing sensor on the cover that will prevent its operation until everything is properly closed or the ‘pause’ button that will brake immediately and prevent the use of the blades at a speed greater than 4 or at a temperature higher than 60ºCin order to avoid splashes and / or burns. 4. A kneading spoon, Mambo is the only multifunction kitchen robot that has this accessory that allows you to achieve masses with a more homogeneous consistency and greater volume without cutting the dough.
  4. A super engine power system that allows you to cook 2.5 kg of dough and get excellent results.
  5. Finally, Mambo has a capacity of 3.3 liters that allow not only to create exquisite dishes with the ideal texture, but also allows cooking for large numbers of diners in a single service.

Analyzing a little the characteristics of the Mambo robot, we cannot help comparing it with other robots that are on the market.

Mambo vs. Thermomix

  1. Mambo can develop up to 23 different functions, while Thermomix has only 12 functions.
  2. Mambo exclusively incorporates a kneading spoon called MamboMix that, allows to make traditional dishes, knead, cut the ingredients perfectly and without damaging the texture of the preparation, while Thermomix blades rotate backwards without using the edge, ruining the texture of dishes as simple as boiled lentils.
  3. Mambo has 3.3 liters of capacity in the jar, while Thermomix’s capacity only reaches 2.2 liters.
  4. Mambo allows you to heat food perfectly without burning it thanks to its intelligent system, while Thermomix has a traditional heating system.
  5. Finally, Mambo stands out both in price and at distribution level, since it can be purchased for 249 euros in the best-known appliance stores, online channels or from the official website. While Thermomix can only be obtained through one of its official distributors and its price is around 1200 euros.

Mambo Vs. Taurus MyCook

  1. Mambo is presented as one of the cheapest options, unlike MyCook that in neither of its two versions, where one has simple and digital controls, and the other a tactile control, has an equal or lower cost, on the contrary, even the cheapest one exceeds Mambo’s price by almost double.
  2. Mambo, presents a MamboMix kneading spoon that, unlike MyCook, which incorporates a series of blades that only break and puree the preparations, can perform such interesting tasks, such as adding a little volume to any dough we are preparing.
  3. Mambo incorporates an intelligent temperature control system that prevents food from burning and sticking, unlike MyCook, which works with a traditional heating system.
  4. Finally, MyCook has a very striking feature and it is its recipe system that indicates through the touch screen the steps to follow during the execution of a dish, a characteristic that may be the cause of its high price and that Mambo does not have.

Mambo vs. Monsieur Cusine of SilverCrest Lidl

  1. Cecotec has an online sale from its website or from the best-known online stores, while the Monsieur Cuisine robot is limited to new users, since this machine is very difficult to acquire when sold twice a year and with a very limited stock.
  2. Mambo is presented as one of the cheapest robots in the market, while Monsieur Cusine has a price that exceeds a total of € 100 for Mambo.
  3. Mambo has a capacity of 3.3 liters, while Monsieur Cusine has a much smaller capacity.
  4. Mambo incorporates an intelligent temperature system that prevents food from burning or sticking, while Monsieur Cusine offers a common system.
  5. The Mambo star accessory is its MamboMix kneading spoon, specially designed to remove like a traditional spoon, in addition to kneading forming a bun with the dough without cutting it and which manages to create more elastic and fluffy masses of up to 2.5Kg. While, Monsieur Cusine does not incorporate any accessories if you like.
  6. Mambo has a much more comfortable and safe handle that allows easy extraction of the jug, while Monsieur Cusine has two small handles to extract the jug.

Mambo vs. Cuisine Companion de Moulinex

  1. The Cuisine Companion de Moulinex incorporates 6 automatic programs and 1 manual program, while Mambo has 23 functions and a MamboMix kneading spoon that does not cut the stews or the masses, but constantly removes them without cutting them.
  2. Moulinex uses a traditional heating system in its kitchen robot, while Mambo has an intelligent system that does not burn food, since it regulates heat as if the fire were lowered or raised in a traditional way, preventing food is burned and / or glued.
  3. Both robots include the “keep warm” function so that the stews are kept at the perfect temperature until you are going to consume it.
  4. Unlike Mambo which is worth less than € 300, Cuisine Companion is priced at approximately € 549, almost double that of Mambo.

Disadvantages of Mambo against other robots

Once Mambo’s different pros and cons have been analyzed with respect to different robots on the market, we can mention that this new version of Cecotec lacks an integrated scale and recipe system like that of Taurus’s MyCook. However, they are details that are not decisive and that do not detract from Cecotec’s robot prominence.

What accessories does Mambo include?

  • A steamer with 2 levels and a lid, made of BPA-free plastic and any toxic, which will allow up to 3 preparations to be made at a time.
  • A Mambomix spoon.
  • A butterfly accessory.
  • A spatula.
  • A complete recipe book for functions and access to exclusive recipes on the Cecotec website, where we can also share our recipes made with Mambo to the rest of the community.
  • Instructions.

Price and availability

If we want to acquire this fantastic culinary robot, we can do it from the Cecotec page or by going to any store in Spain.

The most surprising thing is that we will have an excellent robot that in addition to 23 useful functions, incorporates a protection system, cooking at different temperatures and 3.3 liters of capacity for a small price of € 249 compared to € 1000 that could be cost by some other robot with these characteristics.

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