5 menus simple with the that’s sure you will have success this Valentine’s day

5 MENUS SIMPLE WITH THE THAT’s SURE you will have success THIS VALENTINE’s day


Missing very few days to the 14th of February. A day that many couples will celebrate Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or Friendship Day. Sure that you are still thinking how to celebrate with your partner, but this year you want to prepare a special evening, something that you can remember forever. As this 14 of February is Friday, it is possible that many restaurants and hotels are full of people and what you are looking for is a little intimacy, right? So, why not amaze your partner with an intimate evening in your home? We know that is not easy to think of how to decorate the house and above all, that you can prepare dinner. Then, I’ll give you a few small tips that decores your home without much effort and get a romantic atmosphere that is sure to surprise your partner. And, if this outside little, also you will find 5 menus easy and quick to do with which insurance you will get right. This Valentine’s day, it’s going to be unforgettable!


First of all you have to do before you get the apron, is to create a romantic atmosphere according to your tastes. It’s about giving a distinctive touch to the decoration of your home to provide it with greater intimacy.

A good idea could be to slightly lower the room lights, or where to go to dinner to create a more intimate atmosphere. If this is not possible, you could put a lamp in the middle of the table and cover it with a semi-transparent fabric that will decrease a little bit the light. This way you’ll get the same result. What is certain is that the idea that never fails, is that of placing candles on the table or around you, to create a warm and intimate.

Why not decorate the center of your table with some beautiful flowers? A good option would be to buy the favorite flower of your partner. But if you don’t know which it is, the red roses or red carnations would be a good option. These flowers are a symbol of love and safe with them, right. If esparces petals of red roses all over the house and above all, in the area where you go to dinner, a romantic environment will be multiplied.

After decorating your living room, the next step would be to find a music appropriate to this romantic evening. Make sure you put in your music player only love songs for this special night. The acoustic guitar or the piano, it would be a good option if you like the music more classical.

With these small ideas, you have your home prepared for this special occasion. Now it is the turn of get in the kitchen and choose which menu you are going to prepare. Then I leave a few ideas with which insurance, you will have success.


Now it’s the turn of getting down to work and begin to develop a menu suited to this special occasion as it is the Day of St. Valentine. A good idea is to prepare your favorite dishes, but if what you want is to do something a little more special, here I leave 5 a range of menus with which insurance you are going to succeed. Are recipes very easy to make, and it will not take much time in the kitchen.

  1. Menu 1. Menu of meat Ideal for people who like a lot of meat. It is very simple to prepare and a little over 1 hour you’ll be ready a menu for sucking up to the toes. We started with a zucchini stuffed with ham and cheese. A starter that you’ll have it ready in less than 20 minutes, if you follow the steps of our recipe. At the same time, you can start to prepare the second dish, beef tenderloin wellington with paté, a dish that takes a little work in the kitchen but with which insurance you are going to succeed, for the outcome that you get. This recipe can be modify to your liking, if you prefer, you can fill it with the fish that you like instead of meat, and you will have a dish of 10. To finish, after a meal so blunt, a lemon sorbet with cava is the icing perfect for a romantic dinner at home.
  2. Menu 2. Menu pescadoSi on the contrary, you are a couple who would rather fish for dinner, you can also create a delicious dinner in less than 1 hour. As a starter, you can whip up a millefeuille of salmon, apple and cheese. A very simple dish to prepare and does not need cooking. After, as a main dish, a fish with which insurance you are going to succeed: a turbot. In addition, if you do it in the oven you’ll save time in the kitchen. This time, you can use to prepare a delicious dessert of fruit salad with chocolate and nuts, ideal for those with a sweet tooth.
  3. Menu 3. Menu vegetarianoPara people who eat neither meat nor fish, this menu is perfect for special occasions such as this, and in addition to what you can prepare in very little time. We started with a delicious toasted avocado and cheese. This dish you’ll be ready to go in less than 15 minutes. As a main dish, a good idea is to prepare a pumpkin stuffed with vegetables in the oven. A plate very full which will take away a lot of time in the kitchen as the oven is responsible for cooking. As a final touch, a great idea with the insurance that you’re going to succeed, is to set some flags of fruits to taste. It consists in choosing the fruits that you like and cut them into small pieces. The van by clicking on a flag in the order you want and finally you can add a little bit of liquid chocolate to give a touch more sweet.
  4. Menu 4. Quick menu of hacerEste menu is ideal for people who do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or don’t have much time to cook. Even so, if you prepare these dishes you will get a perfect dinner. To begin, we can use the octopus as the main ingredient for developing an octopus a feira, or a seafood cocktail. You can buy it cooked already at a supermarket or cook yourself at home. If you follow our steps, you’ll cook the octopus in a very simple way. After, as a main dish, a good option would be to prepare a salmon in a hollandaise sauce that it will take you no more than 20 minutes in the kitchen. To finish, make a delicious home-made apple cake. Although it may seem complicated, it is very easy to do and the oven will take care of almost all of the work.
  5. Menu 5. Kitchen menu internationalfor couples who like to travel a lot, this menu is perfect for a night as special as Valentine’s day. Oddly enough, the croquettes are a French recipe, even though we, the spaniards we have been as our. A good appetizer is to develop a creamy croquettes of ham very simple to make at home. Then we would ride to the western country with a chicken and almonds chinese sure you will love it, for its taste and the simplicity of its preparation. To finish, a dessert that can not miss in your table is a cheese cake without oven of american origin. The icing on the cake perfect for this dinner so international.

With all these tips, prepare a romantic dinner in your home will be much more simple and most of all, you will get surprise your partner on a day that is sure, you will remember the rest of your lives. Now, only thing left is to enjoy the evening and your privacy. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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