10 recipes easy to cook and survive in the house for the coronavirus


The current situation that we are living at a global level, forcing us to stay in our homes and not go outside unless we have to go to work, to shopping or to some emergency. We have left behind our daily routine to shut ourselves up in our homes. The first few days at home are fairly “comfortable” but with the passage of time, we need to look for some thing to do, to alleviate the boredom. Many of us, we have decided to dedicate to cooking. Some even, we are learning and we are looking for Internet recipes easy to cook and with ingredients that you can find in any supermarket during this quarantine.

As we all know, when all this started, the first thing he did the world’s population, was to go to the supermarket and buy a lot of food among other things. Most of the products were frozen and preserved, that is to say, non-perishable products that can last for many months in our homes without faults. With these ingredients you can prepare an endless number of recipes. This is why, from Home Cooking and Easy we want to help you feed them correctly, and of varied form. Here is a selection of 10 recipes easy to cook at home during the quarantine. With ingredients that are inexpensive and easy to find at this time in our supermarkets.


Due to the current situation, every time we happen to go to make the purchase, we have the uncertainty of knowing what foods we can find are available in our supermarkets. Although we ensure that each day the supermarkets replenished all of their products, depending on the time you go to buy, there are many foods that are not already available. This situation disturbs completely our idea of preparing a recipe in particular, due to lack of ingredients. So this does not happen and you can eat varied each day, I leave you with a list of ingredients that you can find easily in any supermarket, and you can develop recipes easy and affordable at home these days:

  • Meat. Every day our supermarkets replaced fresh meat or canned on your shelves. It is a perishable product that can last in our fridge a little over a week. What is most consumed is the chicken, since it will prepare endless recipes, all of them easy and, above all, economic.
  • Fish. The same goes with the meat, you can find every day fresh fish or frozen. Although it consumes less energy than the meat, with it, you can prepare recipes very simple.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Although we guarantee the supply of these ingredients, depending on the time you purchase it may either no longer be available. This happens a lot with the peppers (both red and green) and lettuce. These ingredients are essential to prepare many dishes, and with them you get to make recipes easy like salads.
  • Legumes. This ingredient is very easily found in our grocery stores, whether packaged or packaging. A dish of vegetables served to eat a whole family and you can even do it for several days.
  • Pasta, and rice. As with the legumes, it is very easy to find these ingredients. With them you can prepare an endless number of recipes, all of them very easy to make and in very little time.
  • Potatoes and eggs. These two ingredients essential to the preparation of many dishes you can find easily in our supermarkets. Although it is true that at the beginning of the quarantine were some of the first ingredients that is sold out, currently all of the supermarkets have them.
  • Flour. This ingredient has become a vital ingredient in our kitchen during the quarantine period. With him, many of us spend the free time to develop our own bread, and above all, we prepare delicious home-made desserts next to the youngest of the house.
  • Olive oil. This ingredient is essential in our recipes, it is very easy to find in supermarkets, even in the era that we are living, which tends to last a long time in our kitchen.
  • Sauces and broths. It is ingredients that last for several months in our kitchen. With them we can prepare a lot of recipes easy in our homes. With the wines for example, we can prepare some delicious recipes of soups that we can eat for several days without spoiling.


Below you’ll find a small list of 10 recipes easy and inexpensive with just a few ingredients with which safe you get a few delicious dishes.

Within this category we find a variety of recipes easy to make at home with chicken as the main ingredient and with the help of the oven. Then, I’ll leave you two traditional recipes with which to surprise your whole family.

These recipes are most commonly used in the era that we are currently living in. Are recipes very easy to make at home and also if you prepare a large amount, you can eat it for several days without spoiling.

As with vegetables, the pasta is quickly becoming one of the ingredients that we are using in our kitchens for their easy to find in supermarkets. Here I leave you some recipes easy that will appeal to the whole family, but above all, to the smallest of the house.

With this ingredient you can make a lot of recipes because that is an ingredient very easy to find in supermarkets, even in the era that we are living.

To finish, you do not have to miss the desserts. During these days, there are many dessert recipes that are looking to develop, above all, with the smallest of the house. The most wanted are recipes for cakes easy to make at home and recipes of cakes easy. But on this occasion, I leave you with two recipes that are sure you are going to do these days.

With all these recipes, you have no excuse to continue to innovate your daily menus in the kitchen during the quarantine period. All of them are recipes easy, using ingredients you can find easily in your supermarket. Anyway, if you don’t find any of the ingredients that we suggest you can always adapt the recipe to the ingredients you have in your house. So… hands up!



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